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What better way to become a better rider and enjoy the two wheel lifestyle than to listen to the words and wisdom of those who are at the top of their riding game.  George's guests include some of the most accomplished riders and ride coaches in the world today where they talk all things motorcycles.

Nov 3, 2023

Mitch Paynter - In 2019, Mitch won the Queensland Superbike title and was rider of the year at the motorcycle club that operates out at the Morgan Park racetrack in Warwick, Queensland.

His story is one of a focused commitment to motorcycle racing and seeking to be the best rider he could possibly be in a fun but often brutal sport.

In 2020 Mitch’s goals expanded to racing in the Australian Superbike Championship in the 2021 season. However, the chaos of the COVID19 pandemic and race cancellations made it almost impossible to participate.

To make matters worse, during a 2021 racing weekend at Morgan Park, Mitch entered the final race of the weekend with a comfortable lead. But after a bad start from P1 he high sided the motorcycle in the second turn and suffered a life threatening injury which resulted in weeks of hospitalisation and a long period of recovery.

George took the opportunity to talk to Mitch about his racing, the process of getting faster, the crash and next steps for him. George first met Mitch in early 2021 when Mitch was given a taste of coaching with the California Superbike School as an on track ride coach. That experience has inspired his interest in now coaching others to be better riders, and to share his knowledge.

If you are just getting into track day riding, or even if you are a seasoned rider and racer, Mitch has some great information to share here.

Mitch owns and operates MP Air Solutions on the Gold Coast in Australia.


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