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What better way to become a better rider and enjoy the two wheel lifestyle than to listen to the words and wisdom of those who are at the top of their riding game.  George's guests include some of the most accomplished riders and ride coaches in the world today where they talk all things motorcycles.

Nov 3, 2023

Aidan Clarke is our guest on this episode.

Aidan is the founder of SA1NT, a clothing company based in Melbourne, Australia. In this episode he tells the story of how the company came about, and what its focus is in the world of motorcycle rider safety.

What prompted this conversation was our recognition that the SA1NT Moto products are quite unique, incredibly fashionable, super high quality, and simply one of the coolest brands. And we wanted to know more about it and get the story directly from the founder.

The best way to convey what this company is about is to simply provide the same information that is provided on their website - 

“SA1NT evolved from a mission to design apparel without compromise. Originally developed for motorcycle riders, SA1NT was built on a passion to innovate technical fabrics and fuse them with everyday style and comfort. In the past, riders either sacrificed style for safety or worse, safety for style. SA1NT eliminated this compromise by introducing the world’s first single layer, CE approved motorcycle denim. Tailored style, UNBREAKABLE strength.

The result of more than 12 months of research and development, SA1NT’s UNBREAKABLE denim was the world’s first CE approved, single layer denim. Blending denim with Dyneema®, (the same fibre that tethers space shuttles, armours helicopters and stops bullets), SA1NT created a fabric capable of sliding down the road for 6 seconds, without compromising comfort and style.”

There you go, that's SA1NT. Enjoy the conversation.



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